Hello World…

Back in the day when I was learning coding, this was pretty much the first thing we codded up – to get the page to display ‘Hello World’… And since this is the starting point of this blog thing, I figured why not! My coding days are behind me for now and the extent of my current dev work is coding up my websites (and boy has that all changed since I started!)!

Welcome – my plan is to talk a bit about Inner Pathways, a bit about A Daye in Your Life photography and pretty much anything else that shows up that I found interesting or relevant to share! I am aiming for a minimum of monthly posting but aiming to increase to about weekly – why am I telling you this? Probably in an attempt to keep myself accountable!

Please do reach out and say hi or to give me suggestions on what to waffle write about and if I feel I can add anything useful/relevant then I’ll see what I can come up with!